Keeping in Mind the Theme of Your Brick & Mortar Business

Starting your own business, especially a brick and mortar store, isn’t always as easy or as cracked up to be as you’d think. I mean, it’s exciting to know you’re approved for a business loan and can get your dream started finally. But the amount of work and planning and stress that goes into it can really be underestimated.

One thing a lot of people fail to map out is the theme and mood of the store itself. Let’s say you’re opening up a pub or taphouse for your local community. Are you going for a moody and worn atmosphere? What about a warm and welcoming place for crowds of all ages and demographics?

These are the things you’ve got to keep in mind when furnishing the place and setting up the lights so that you can pin down the exact vibe you’re aiming for to please your target market. I’ve compiled a few different ideas on various materials you could use in your new establishment and what they may mean to your customers.


Have you ever seen art made out of various packaging supplies, like cardboard boxes? It’s quite amazing, actually. I came across some at a festival last year and was super tempted to buy one. Every piece seemed to have a 3D effect in which a focal part of the art was painted on a secondary layer that protruded from the background layer.

No matter what your establishment’s theme is, contracting an artist to produce some original art could be a great move for a younger generation to admire. The best thing is that, if you choose to go with packaging supplies materials like cardboard, you can provide the medium with old boxes or even recycle your beer six-pack holders and use that cardboard. Think about if the original art on these boxes was factored into the new art on the cardboard. That’s a classic look.


Patches of tin or even bigger sheets of tin fits the bill for a rustic look, and it’s an easy way of creating something other than a blank and monochrome wall. You don’t even have to make the planks of tin evenly aligned, really. Intersperse it among your open walls to make it look artsy and sporadic and it’ll blend in just fine with some darker and more muted colors like black, brown, and grey.


From stressed wood to raw, new lumber, you can create the exact atmosphere you’re searching for with various types of wood. It may be treated. It may not. It may be pine. It might be cedar. Wood has virtually no limits, especially when it comes to the different decor and things you’ll be hanging from your walls.


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